Lyrica is not making music

So, the hope that Lyrica would work as well as the Neurontin was in vain. The initial dose didn't work well, I spoke to Nurse M about increasing the dose. It's thought that this medication does not work better with higher dosing-but I wasn't at the highest dose.

Alas, I now have been taking the recommended amount for four days. Look at the time that I'm posting this and you'll see that I am not getting sleep again. Argh....

The bright spot was that in talking to Nurse M, I asked about alcohol consumption. Neurontin's monograph clearly states that you shouldn't drink at all, but Lyrica's states that alcohol may intensify it's effect. So, tonight, for the first time in nearly two months, I had some wine with dinner. I don't know if it's because I haven't had any in forever, or if the bottles we've had for two years have really come into their own, but it was a DAMN GOOD GLASS OF WINE!!

Drinking the wine begs the question, if the meds aren't doing squat and alcohol will intensify it's effect, what will it do? Anyone? Anyone?


Kaoscapt said…
The alcohol will give you a super-intense squat, of course...1

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