So, when the doctor told me I *needed* the painkillers and I scoffed, little did I know HE WAS FRIGGIN RIGHT!!!!! Yes, stupid me. I needed another dose at 9pm, but I was busy closing the store, so I figured it was no biggie to wait until I was done. Forty five minutes later, my leg was screaming for mercy. Okay, I've learned my lesson-keep popping the vicodin. There's occasional breakthrough pain from the debridement meds, but not full out WAH WAH WAH pain. So, get some stock in Watson Labs, because I'm buying their pharmaceuticals for a while longer.

Tonight is the time trail for Pinewood Derby. The boys cars are almost done, just some minor decaling and lettering. Hoping I can squeak enough juice out of the camera batteries to get pictures.

Jane is out of the hospital. I happened to be over in Lakeland to cat sit for a friend and called Mom the other day. The word was she was being released, and I was very close to the hospital, so I went over and got her. She is very happy to be sprung, but tells me the hospital staff is great there. Thanks for the info, but I don't ever want to experience it first hand. The only hospital stay I want in my future involves a trip to Hawaii.

The boys are off from school today for the Florida state fair. Due to the time trials, we're not going today. Instead, I'm off work on Wednesday, so I'll probably have the kids complete their homework in record time because we'll go once they finish it.

That's all the news that's fit to print right now...


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