Happy Valentine's Day!

It's funny, things that were a big deal when I was younger don't hold as much sway.

Take for instance, today, Valentine's Day. I wanted nothing more than to be showered with romantic gestures and gifts. Flowers were not really needed, because I'm somewhat practical. A gift, a card, dinner out-that was what I wanted.

Having kids, the focus has shifted. I've got presents for the kids. An iPod shuffle (or 'ip', as the small ones are known) for Chef Jr, scored off the Apple refurb site (squee!). Gameboy is getting a Pokemon Mini game with several cartridges that were purchased for 5 bucks off shnoop.com. Chocolate is part of the gift, and we'll probably do a chocolate fondue.

Why the change? I guess the comfort of our relationship is knowing that one day is not the make or break of showing how much we love each other. Would I like gifts, or would he? Heck yeah, but our finances prevent it. And I'm okay with that.


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