More good news

Today's good news is courtesy Gameboy.

He sees a psychiatrist for his Asperger's and assorted alphabet soup of issues. He has since he was six. When we moved to Tampa, we lucked into finding a great one. Dr. P really seemed to enjoy working with our son, and said so much when our insurance changed. He continued to see older son, but every other month, for a much reduced rate in an effort to keep him as a patient.

Eventually, the off label uses of son's meds led Dr. P to send us over to the local university's psychiatry department. He wanted to be sure that Gameboy was treated by a good doctor, so he even gave us the name of the supervising psychiatrist that he should see. We were very lucky, Dr. S sat in with a great resident, Dr. D. She's got a great approach with him and has been great at addressing our concerns. We have had more med changes in the time we've been with her than we ever had, because she understands where we are coming from.

For this reason, we're making good progress. He usually sees a doctor once a month, sometimes every other month. For the first time ever, he doesn't have to go back for three months. We all agree that he's doing well-he has rough days and always will. However, reasoning with him has become a lot easier with the Abilify.

Yes, for a change, things are working out!


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