Surprises, Ice Packs and Plantar Faciitis

The plantar faciitis is back with a vengeance. I did it to myself by wearing the same shoes, day in and day out, which is really discouraged with PF. Several of the treatment options are not feasible for me, due to allergies and history.

So I've been icing the foot several times a day.

The way I've been doing this is by bringing a large bowl out onto the lanai and icing five on, five off for about an hour. This helps a little, but makes the other problems worse. I've been meaning to get some more of those blue ice packs to chuck in the freezer, because I can help the other leg problems with elevation and the PF with cold all at the same time.

Here's where the surprise (more like OOPS) comes in. I ordered a box of goodies from See's Candies for the menfolk for Easter. Floridians who want See's in warmer months can get it by paying an extra $13 bucks for 'warm weather shipping.' I wasn't exactly sure what it entailed, but I knew that this is the latest Easter has been when I've ordered their goodies and I didn't want them to melt.

In the styrofoam lined box were a half dozen ice packs, all emblazoned with the See's Candies logos. Even better, they were still quite chilly, which is not bad for packs that left their factory two days ago. As I hadn't iced my foot down yet when this discovery was made, I brought one outside, where I promptly planted my foot on it while working on an assignment.

First GameTeen came out to ask me a question and while usually unobservant in the medical woes of anyone else, immediately asked me why I was stepping on a package of See's Candies. Somehow, he was convinced that I'd always had these packs, just needed to use it today for my aching foot.

Then, this evening, after running errands, I was once again on the lanai, where Chef comes out and spying this thing on the floor, grabs it-thinking it's a bag of chocolate. Once again, I was able to keep the surprise of the Easter candy by telling him I'd found the pack in the back of the freezer from the last time we'd ordered the candies.

Phew, I got away with it this time. I wonder how mad they'll be on Sunday when they realize I'd lied to them in order to keep the bunnies, scotchmallows, truffles and California brittle a secret a little while longer!


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