Another Fail

I recently wrote how Target's 'gatekeeping' users from checking the status of their orders was mildly very annoying. Am I alone in thinking that if you spend a pile of money at a website, say considerably more than $500, you should have the ability to check on the order without having to jump through hoops for an access code each and every time?

Well, they did it again.

Yesterday, I coordinated a delivery of said items. The three boxes were too big for delivery via UPS, so a shipping company came to my house. When the guy arrived, I nicely asked him if he'd wheel the boxes to my back yard, because our garage is overflowing with the contents of Jane's apartment. No dice. He insisted he had no time to do so and was somewhat jerky about it. Thanks dude, I'll keep the $20 bucks I usually give delivery guys this time around, since all you did was wheel it the length of my driveway.

When we shopped their website for this furniture, we'd found it counter-intuitive. For instance, we knew that the cushions came in different colors than the greige in the store-because it was on the 8/10 cards with the display. That's why we shopped the website. BUT, you had to know what you were looking for-each item was displayed solo. If I entered "Ralston chaise," only one result would appear, but if I entered "Ralston" and clicked on the $100-$200 filter, up came three colors.

Weird and annoying, because Ed and I looked at the furniture at different times and he'd insist something existed, I couldn't find it and vice versa. Eventually, we found all the items we wanted (no greige, thanks, it's boring) and ordered them. We both commented that we'd have to find something to cover the furniture when rainy season starts, because we hadn't seen anything on the website.

Today, Ed was off from work, so we started cleaning off the lanai and assembling the furniture. In the first box was a lovely flyer that Ed handed me. Take a look:

I'm not sure if you can see the top picture and text, so I'll zoom in:

Hey, look, they've got covers! Awesome! And there's a discount, too!

Oh wait, we have to buy them with the furniture to get the discount. Um, then why is this flyer IN THE BOX with the purchased furniture, instead of available in the store or noted on the website?


Yes, I'm going to contact to ask about this oversight. Hopefully, we can get them at 50% off, considering that the items did not come up when we looked at the furniture in the first place-and today, I only found it by typing in that SKU number.

This fits right in with one of the assignments I had for Interactive Media, Usability. Target's site is not user friendly, and could benefit from linking all colors of a product when a person searches it. Additionally, add on items of relevance (such as covers or coordinating throw pillows, etc) should be there as "other people who bought this item also looked at these" options. Wouldn't you expect a retailer to do something to help their customer and help the bottom line?

All I know is that in the future, the choice between purchasing from or going without the item I want, I'd seriously debate how much I really, really wanted the item.


meghan said…
Ugh, i would have given up way before making the purchase because I would have been too frustrated! I don't think I'll be making any purchases through their website after hearing your ordeal... ever. I hope that when you contact customer service they work with you and you get the discount! Can't wait to read the next update on this!

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