Shuffle Time

Suzanne, you've finished one huge project, wrote a paper and are about to do someone else's taxes and five assignments for one class. What are you going to do for a blog post?

Shuffle my iPod and see how disparate the ten selections may be and add brief commentary. Yes, I've done it before. Shoot me.

Mother Nature's Son-The Beatles, White Album. It reminds me a little bit of several other McCartney songs, like Venus and Mars and a little bit of chord progression like Mamunia.

Who Can it Be Now?-Men At Work, Business As Usual. Good song, good album and a good song to play on a sunny day like today.

Magic-Stimulator, Ella Enchanted. This Jeff Lynne penned, Olivia Newton-John sung hit from Xanadu got the Justin Bieber treatment for another movie soundtrack.

Hooks in You-Marillion, Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other. The first Hogarth song I heard from Marillion and I wasn't sure I liked this vocalist. That was in the early 90's and I think this song wasn't a good representation of H's vocal abilities.

Still Around-Robert Cray, Strong Persuader. Damn fine album and a great blues song in the 'my woman done me wrong' vein.

Who Needs Love (Like That)- Erasure, Pop! The First 20 Hits. Vince Clarke wanted a vocalist who sounded just like Alison Moyet, and found 'her' in Andy Bell.

The Monkey's Uncle-Annette Funicello & The Beach Boys, Classic Disney Volume 1. Classic 60's Disney music with a surf band vibe.

Did I Happen to Mention?-Julia Fordham, Porcelain. Excellent album from a vocalist whose voice has great character.

Summertime Blues-Alan Jackson, the Greatest Hits Collection. One of those songs that you can't stay in a bad mood while listening to it. Love AJ.

Best Regards-Echolyn, As the World. One of the prog rock bands that their label didn't know how to market. If you want to listen to some intricate musicianship, great harmonies and a rhythm that catches you, look this one up on You Tube.

And the next song was one of my all time favorites, the Romantics "What I Like About You"!


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