I Like My Sleep Way Too Much

To get up and watch William and Catherine marry, but I did look at the various media outlets on the Internet to see the dress (loved it), the ceremony highlights (including William saying to his bride and her dad "This was supposed to be a small family affair!" when they arrived at the altar and look at the weird hats that other members of the family wore.

Thirty years ago, I was in summer school and had to be up by 8am, but woke at 6am instead to watch the pomp and pageantry that was Charles and Diana's wedding. We didn't own a VCR, so if I wanted to see anything at all, it was get up or only see a few highlights on the 6 o'clock news. I remember thinking how wrinkled her dress was. It sure was not an indication of the style maven Diana would later become.

The passing of 30 years just highlights the differences between the time when William's parents married. Charles was urged to marry to produce an heir to the throne. It seems that William and Harry were raised with instructions to marry for love from both their parents.

While it doesn't impact me directly, it's good to see a happy occasion for William Wales.


I didn't plan to watch the wedding but woke up at 5 and couldn't fall asleep again, so I watched the wedding. On 7/29/81 I had just graduated from college and was taking the summer off before law school, so I had the leisure to wake up and watch Charles and Diana's wedding. I love the pageantry of a royal wedding.

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