The other day, I asked GameTeen where he'd like to enjoy his birthday dinner, if he'd like to go out. Without hesitation, he said "Cody's," a restaurant we used to enjoy over in Brandon. What GameTeen did not realize is that we'd dined there for the last time three days before the company closed most of their locations.

It's a shame, the place was a family favorite for good food at a reasonable price. Every Monday and Tuesday, they had kids eat free nights and so it was a frequent haunt for us when we lived over that way. Their other special that we dove on was buy one get one free fajitas every Wednesday. "Fajita Wednesdays!" was a rallying cry in our old house, guaranteed to get everyone in the car in 30 seconds flat.

I felt bad when I had to explain that Cody's was no more. He's now rethinking where he'd like to dine, and said he might even prefer Mom's home cooking. On the cake front, I think we'll have an easier time of things-he said he wanted either a Carvel cake or a Rita's cake. We can pick up either one of those locally.


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