365 Things to Do in Lakeland

I've been saving these for months, hoping to do a spread of all of them, but I think there's enough for a blog post already.

On Facebook, those ads on the right can bring some interesting and amusing things to the table. For instance, Living Social and Groupon have either "100 Things to do in (Your City Here)" or the more ambitious "365 Things to do in (that same city)."

I live in Lakeland, Florida. The town covers a large geographic area, but folks, it's a small town. Downtown businesses, save for the restaurants, are closed by 6pm. If you want to see a movie, you're going to the outdoor mall on the south side of town or the drive in (which I prefer). So, imagine my surprise at the first '365 things..." picture-it was Niagara Falls. I assure you, Lakeland is quite flat and while there's a ton of water to be found, there are no falls.

The next one featured a picture of a nice wooden roller coaster. The nearest amusement parks are Busch Gardens, soon to be Legoland, and the Disney World resort. This coaster was from none of them, so where was this coaster hiding? It almost looked like they were masking the coaster in the local power plant and you had to be an employee of the utility to enjoy it.

Some of the other interesting things that have popped up are below. Have you had some interesting ones in your ads?


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