Ed and I had high hopes that moving to Florida would mean many of our friends would visit us in the Sunshine state. Honestly, we bought a four bedroom home with the thought that many would want to escape the cold and yuck of winter.

Here we are, two and a half years later and our most frequent visitor is already a Florida resident. (If we had our way, she'd be here every weekend, right, Donna?) As such, the original plan of putting a Murphy bed in that fourth bedroom has been scrubbed and it's full speed ahead on the home office with computers for each of us.

One friend that was made through Yahoo groups and the DISboards has visited with his family and made contact again today for his wife and son to visit during Easter Break. I'm looking forward to the wife's approaching retirement so that they can move to Lakeland. We get heads up whenever they're coming down, their son is the same age as our older son and they're nice people to be around.

Older friends, well, most are further from retirement age than the family from NJ. That said, we haven't quite had the door beaten down like we'd been warned we would. Joyce and Tim make their nearly yearly trek to WDW and last week, Joyce apologized for inviting herself to our house for a day of their vacation in August. J, you never have to apologize, just make sure I know more than a week ahead of time to get the time off!

Another friend has not been seen since Ed and I got married. The reason for this is that I wanted to give him some distance. D became my friend by virtue of being my ex husband's best friend. I felt D should have that friendship without having to worry about divided loyalties. Here we are, in contact again. His mom lives over in St. Augustine and is here visiting. He told us earlier this month that he'd probably be down the last weekend of the month, but I didn't hear back.

The other day, Donna let me know that D thought he would be at my house tomorrow. Yikes! I'm doing inventory on Monday, so I'm at work all day. Ed would be very happy to host, but I'd miss out. We may end up over in Orlando or Altamonte to do dinner one night this week, but I think we're all bummed that he's not getting over here. However, D will be here in Florida every few months, so an overnight stay may be in the cards before too long.

Then there's the other side of the coin. I have a friend who visits central Florida frequently, yet I hear about the upcoming visits through a third party, or worse yet, run into her accidentally when meeting up with other friends(who saw the hurt written all over my face). She's been invited to my home several times, but I've given up asking because she won't come. Hell, I've given up calling and at this point, have written the friendship off. It hurts too much to be shut out and ignored.

I guess the point of all of this is to say we love having company and were thinking that we'd have a heck of a lot more of it when we moved down here. I guess that's not the case.


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