Another one for the weird medical issues list....

There's a new medication in my life, to go with a new diagnosis. Tentative, but still, my nurse practitioner felt that what I presented is, in fact, RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy). This is a neurological issue that is indicated by severe, burning pain; tissue swelling; and sensitivity to touch. Those knives in the calves and stinging pain I've mentioned are indicative of having it.

As such, I've been put on Gabapentin (Neurontin) to curb the overactive nerve endings. It's supposed to make me dizzy and tired and coexist with the Vicodin to help me sleep. I'm still waiting.

The weird part, which we all know is par for the course with me:
Nurse Kathy continued to triage when I called for her input and informs me that the pain is a neuropathy. This is a disorder affecting *DIABETICS*, because their circulation in compromised. The Gabapentin is supposed to increase blood flow.

Hmmm, I have circulatory issues. I have neuropathy/RSD and yet I AM NOT DIABETIC! Add this to having five markers for Lupus and yet not having the disease and my propensity for being in the 2% category for any medical complication/issue. From the American Diabetes Association's website, the symptoms for Diabetes, with my answers:

  • Frequent urination **not a problem unless I drink tons of water
  • Excessive thirst **not really
  • Extreme hunger **heck, my appetite has gotten much smaller thanks to previous job
  • Unusual weight loss **no, what has been lost is due to diet change
  • Increased fatigue **hello? can't sleep because of friggin leg-so that's a no, too
  • Irritability **you'd be irritable if your sleep is screwed up by pain, too. No
  • Blurry vision **nope
So, what the heck is up with my wacky damn body? And how can I tell it to knock this crap off?


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