It seems that many things I've done in my life were completed before my peers. I got married first, then of course, I got divorced. I bought a house, then built two more. I had kids. That one my siblings beat me to it by many years, but as far as the peer set goes, Ed and I were the first.

In many respects, I feel it is a good thing to have blazed the trail. The divorce was a tricky minefield, but it made me a stronger person. I've remarried and he accepts my flaws. A couple of friends are going through this pain right now. As I write this, I'm so incredibly thankful that I went through it and can give support and be a sounding board for others going down that path.

Both friends are going through rough patches in this and I want you both to know you WILL get through it. I think you better people for not staying in a relationship that was making you miserable. Throwing in the towel takes incredible strength-and I'm here to listen when you're not feeling all that strong. I'll be your cheerleader when you need rallying. I am glad I have the blog to talk about all things and let you both know that I'm proud of you!

So don't apologize that you're talking about it-that's why I'm here. :) I think you've each blocked out how much you listened to me rant and rave all those years ago. You may not remember that even though I was involved with Ed, it took a long time to get over the feeling that I was a failure. That's part and parcel of what you're going through. Both of you gave me strength when I was weak, it's my turn to guide you to the other side.

Hang tight and talk it out-as often as necessary. I'll listen. :)


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