Punchbuggy Blue

This evening I had to run out to the local supermarket so that the kids would have lunches. As the leg has been pretty bad today, I opted to use the store's motorized scooter.

At the checkout, the front end manager orders one of the young men to assist me out to my car. This is a service they cheerfully offer to do, and I usually cheerfully decline. However, today I just didn't feel like schlepping the stuff to the car on foot.

The young man and I make small talk on the way to the car, and once we stopped at the car, he lit up. "This is your car?" When I said yes, he tells me that he LOVES seeing my car in the lot because he plays punchbuggy, lol. He'd recognized my car in the lot off and on for the past two years, but didn't have any idea who the owner was shopping in the store. We ended up chatting about Beetles for a few minutes, which was very nice.

I like driving my car and catching the reaction of little kids. Sometimes, the big kid's reactions are just as much fun...


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