How much can a heart take?

As I write this, Ed is on his way over to Lakeland. We got the phone call at 1:15. When the phone rings at that hour, and it lists Mom's number, its never a good sign.

Jane has heart failure again. This worries me because:
-She recently had bronchitis
-She's had several heart attacks
-She's had heart failure before
-She's diabetic and has bottomed and topped out before (including a time where she had both in one ER visit just over a year ago)

So, I ask, how much can a heart take? Does it bounce back from all of the episodes, or does it get weaker and weaker? She had to take a medical retirement a few years back due to her health, my fear is that these episodes will take a toll on her mobility.

Please spare some good thoughts. Oh yeah, if you have the answer to my question, let me know.


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