Smiling Son

Chef Jr. is not a morning person. I have to say he comes by it honestly. Wake him for school in the morning and he's a class A crab. A half hour later, he's his usual happy go lucky self. His usual M.O. when he's happy is to sing, hum or whistle the way through the day.

This morning, I used the speedy way to chipper kid and snuggled with him for a few minutes. Mission accomplished, he set about getting ready for school in a good mood.

As I'm preparing the boy's lunches, he begins whistling. I realize what he's whistling and laugh. His repetoire this morning was the theme music to the Enzite commercial. You know, the one with "Smiling Bob" that sells medicine for erectile dysfunction. I am laughing, but I can't explain to him what is so darn funny.

I guess he figured that he was happy, and "Smiling Bob" is happy, so why not whistle the "Smiling Bob" song!


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