The leg

The leg, what fun it has been.

Healing is a slow process. Ed commented that the wounds have become much shallower and they have. However, I'm now experiencing some fun in the form of nerve damage. Sometimes, my lower calf feels like people are sticking chef's knives in it and twisting to and fro. It typically happens when I'm not very active, but it happened at work the other day and was pretty bad.

I called Nurse Kathy (lol) and presented symptoms and my theory that it might be RSD, albeit a much milder form than what she's dealing with. It sure sounds like nerve issues. I've called the doctor to let them know (again) about this issue, but for now, I'm dealing with it on my own. I suppose he wrote the script for the Vicodin with multiple refills because he saw this noted on my chart.

I have noticed that it gets much worse if the wounds are allowed to dry out or if there is too much pressure on them. The sucky part of this is my lovely adhesive allergy. If I use tape to cover the dressing, I get itchy and red where the adhesive touches my skin. If I use the self adhering gauze, after time it will bind up and put too much pressure on one spot and/or shift the dressing to the point that part of the wound is exposed to air and dries out.

Argh-it's not going to go away anytime soon. Just have to keep on keeping on with PMA.

In other news, I have four days in a row off from work. Each manager gets a weekend off a month, and I requested Monday since the boys are off for MLK. The boss also gave me Tuesday. The kids were asked what they'd like to do-one wants Sea World and the other the Zoo. Why not? We've got passes for both.


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