My friend Jenn is a sucker for kitties. It is probably why she took in a stray that had been wandering around her mom's house about 5 years ago. Scarlett was a maine coon mix. She was tame, but wanted her freedom.

So, Jenn adopted in Tigger, a ginger tabby to keep her company. When I met Jenn almost three years ago, he was a few years old, but seemed like a kitten, very lithe and sinewy and little. At least it seemed that way.

Scarlett wanted to be outside more and more, and Animal control kept coming through Jenn's apartment complex. Scarlett kind of had a family near Jenn's mom's house, out in the country, so her mom asked them if they were amenable to having Scarlett again as an outdoor cat. Back to the country she went.

Tigger was lonely, and on one of her trips to the store to buy food, a little kitten charmed Jenn and came home with her. That's when I realized that Tigger wasn't as kitten like as he seemed.

Sadly, Tigger got sick and died over the summer, and Jenn didn't want Lily to be alone, so she adopted another animal from the Human Society (number 3), and Lulu has a home. The two girls are small at 2.5 years and 6 months, but they bonded really well.

Then Jenn bought a house. I was there today and noticed while she was scrubbing the pool that she had an audience:
I joked that the kitties must have known a cat loving lady lived there. They didn't run from us, but they didn't come close when a hand was extended their way. I took a few pictures, thinking that maybe I could ask around at work and find out if anyone wants a pair of cute kitties.

The plan was for us to study, which we both did. Three hours later, I looked out in the back yard and they were still there, huddled together and shivering a bit (it was about 60 degrees at that time). About ten minutes after that, Jenn saw mama kitty out there, and the two of them were doing everything they could to latch on and nurse (they look like they're around a month old to me). Jenn then got bowls to put water and food into to take outside for them to eat. Poor things were so hungry, they shoved mama cat out of the way and she walked off, as if it was more important for her babies to get the food. Out came a second bowl, so she could eat.

They picked the right house, but both Jenn and I posted the pictures on our Facebook wall, both hoping that someone has room in their home and hearts for two strays...


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