Secret Santa

We're doing this at work, and it's something I have not done in years and years. Typically, my holiday parties at work would involve a game called Dirty Santa, Chinese Gift Exchange, Yankee Gift Exchange or something like that, in which people open gifts and others have the chance to 'steal' what you have.

I had to fill out a questionnaire about my likes and dislikes, then they were all turned in. Monday through Friday, we give smaller gifts, but at the holiday party, we exchange a gift with a value around ten dollars. Nothing too bad.

One of the days involves a gag or novelty gift and this is where I'm truly my father's daughter. I came up with a gag gift that would have my recipient in hysterics laughing BUT it would also tip the hand of exactly who her Secret Santa is. Instead, I am regifting the horrendous door prize I won at my holiday party last year with a note completed by Ed "I think this goes PERFECT with your decor." It doesn't, not by a long shot!

Fortunately, I went to study at Panera with my friend Jenn today, and she's absolutely right-getting out of the house to study makes me far more productive on that front. On the way back home, I realized I was passing a place that would be a good resource for an ornament (Monday's gift), so I went in-and found all the remaining gifts for my Secret Santa.

I'm wondering who got me, and if it's one of my teammates. If so, I'll probably get good stuff. If not, it could be a crap shoot-even though I work with everyone, I only interact with half the school when they've got computer problems!


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