Little Drummer Boy Challenge

From the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve, I am once again running the gauntlet. What gauntlet? The one in which I avoid hearing The Little Drummer Boy, in any version at any time.

Last year, I made it until the 23rd of December. This year, I almost was taken out last week, when I helped out in the office. I happened to look at Pandora as one song was ending and the next one was supposed to be TLDB. I closed my coworker's browser window so fast, it would make your head spin.

For the most part, I am safe. In the car, the radio is usually tuned to NPR. I don't shop the mall very often. The music at home is light on Christmas music until mid-month, and I can choose it. The only thing that could potentially kill it is the work Christmas party this weekend. How do I avoid it?

I gather up all of my Christmas CDs and make a playlist on the iPod (about 10 hours of music imported), then offer it to the boss for everyone's musical enjoyment. Oh, there's wide variety and something for everyone, considering that we own about 50 CDs of holiday music. It will make people happy...

Unless they think a party isn't complete without hearing The Little Drummer Boy


JW said…
Being that I have been music'd out I don't hear any music except at work when I have to work with people for the day. Otherwise I flip between Wkes for a couple of hours, then between wusf and wmnf the rest of the day. Only Christmas music I have heard so far was in Marhall's and it was the slow drab stuff. I happened to notice it when I was in the changing room and thought 'This is old people's music' because it is SOOOOO SLLOOOOOOW. Am I a grinch by saying that? lol
Suzanne said…
I feel that way in many department stores, to the point that I feel bad for the people working with that pace of music (SO depressing!)

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