Photo a Day-2013?

Blogging every day has become so ingrained that I can't bring myself to stop, even on the days when I don't have a lot to say.

So, for 2013, I'm thinking it's time for a twist. I'll still blog every day, but perhaps I'll take a picture or vlog every day. This way, there's a post to come check out each day, but sometimes, the image will do the talking.

Part of the impetus to do this is that every day, I walk around with my iPhone and one or two video cameras. Some days, I have a third video camera. If I start pulling them out of the bag more often, I'll hone those skills I learned in class last year. This will come in handy later in my doctoral research, too.

For this, I may resurrect some features I've done in the past, but with a twist. What's For Dinner Wednesday will pretty much be the same, but maybe a Soundtrack Sunday video here and there when I can't find what I want to share on You Tube? Considering some of the rare new wave and prog rock we own, this may be the way to go.

Bring on the New Year!


JW said…
This sounds like a great idea. Mind if I tread on your coat tails with this with my blog as well? Post pictures when the mind is weak with anything to say?

Suzanne said…
Be my guest! It'll give me something to look at besides what I take!

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