Cookie Time

Last week, I made vegan peanut butter cookies for a coworker, as well as some Chocolate chip cookies for home. Both batches were a huge hit. I found that I like cookies with three parts shortening, one part butter (not for the vegan, obviously), because that gives a good crunch while retaining the buttery flavor.

Monday, I continued a tradition and cooked a luncheon for work. Alas, I picked up a 25 pound bag of flour on Sunday and wrenched the screws in my neck, to the point that I didn't prepare the cookies to go along with that lunch.

Instead, I made more cookies tonight, and I'll make more tomorrow. Finally, the students will get cookies on Friday. Ultimately, when I make stuff for others, there's a small portion that stays home. Let's just say that by the end of the week, my guys will probably have had their fill of cookies.

Then again, I'm not making rainbow cookies for work-those will be made sometime next week. Yum.


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