Dr Who Teaser

The traditional Dr. Who Christmas special was on tonight. Now, we have to wait until APRIL! Grrrr!

His new familiar, Clara, looks and sounds familiar. More like, the Doctor didn't SEE her last time, as she was Oswald, a Dalek (but she didn't realize it). In a little interstitial they showed on BBC last week, this was brought up, and Matt Smith comments that he never saw her-implying that this was a completely new character.

However, in tonight's episode, when Clara first enters the Tardis, she asks about the kitchen because she makes souffles. Wait a minute, Oswald made souffles. Sure enough-it IS the same person-in two time eras.

And now, we have to wait until April to find out what the heck is going on!

Something different happened with tonight's episode, though. A friend tagged me and a few other former coworkers/sci fi geeks and we had a running commentary on FB throughout the show, during the commercial breaks. We enjoyed it so much that when the shows resume in April, it'll be our 'date night' to watch and comment together in real time.


There's a snowman. Run!

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