Popcorn time!

We have two boys. When Chef Jr made his appearance in the world, I thought I'd never experience helping my child sell cookies each winter. I was shown a different path. He wanted to join Cub Scouts and loves being one. Girl Scouts sell cookies, and they are known for it. Cub Scouts sell POPCORN. Boy, do they sell popcorn!

Chef Jr embraced the 'show and sell' events we participated in last year. This is where the pack sets up a table outside a local business (when allowed). The scouts ask the patrons entering or exiting if they'd like to buy popcorn to support scouting. Chef Jr showed us that he is a natural salesperson. One of these events was at a Cracker Barrel. He approached a man and gave a very convincing sales pitch, who came up and introduced himself to be the owner of the nearby RV dealership. He told me he would love to have Chef Jr. on his sales team! (oh and he bought the caramel corn).

As we are in a digital age, the boys now get a code for those family and friends who wish to purchase, but don't live nearby. If you'd like to purchase from Chef Jr, just email me and I'll give you the code.

For those not in the know about the popcorn, let me fill you in. Until the year before we joined, we were clueless, too. A friend sent us a can of the caramel corn as part of a Christmas basket. We were all hooked, it was the best we'd ever had out of a can (Fishers is the only other corn I put on the same level). It is truly crack in a can. This year, I'm going to be smarter and buy the case (6 cans) of the caramel corn, as the two we got just weren't enough. I am also considering some as teacher gifts.

If you order online, the shipping is included in the prices. Some of the more popular things that available:
Microwave Popcorn in Unbelievable Butter, Butter Light and Kettle Corn. They come in cases of 15. Something to note is that they don't contain Diacetyl flavorings, the cause of 'popcorn lung'. There's a great variety pack if you can't choose one.

Caramel corn (crack corn, folks. it is so good). This comes in cases of 26 oz and 11 oz. The 11 oz make great gifts, but the 26 oz will win friends and influence people if you give them as gifts. Open one, and you'll decide to screw giving them away!

There's also a big tin of cheese corn. We had a bag of it in the house, but normally can't, due to Gameboy's allergies. It's good, too. Now I know you can get tins cheaper around the holidays, but does that help support scouting?

I think we're going door to door this weekend. Thanks to the internet, I don't have to call everyone, I just told you.!

If you would like to see the samplings and then make a decision, the website is here.


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