Can I get a big round of applause for my alma mater

I got the answer I was hoping for from Nassau Community today. They have decided to allow me to complete my last six credits via CLEP exams! Woohoo! The last two requirements are math and social science.

The courses I've chosen are Algebra and American Government. I'm not too worried about reviewing the government materials, but I'm not sure how much material the Algebra exam covers. It's funny, most people thought algebra was a waste, but I found it useful. I still calculate percentages on a daily basis(is over of = x over 100) AND I could figure out my mortgage payment by using P=IRT. SohCahToa is the one area where I think I need a refresher.

Ms. Donnelly, remember how you were flabbergasted at my 96 on the Math regents? Let's see if I can do that on the college level and get this degree!


Tracey said…
Go to and there you can go through algebra in chronological order step by step. It will give you a refresher on it. Good Luck, Jamie took college algebra on line from Iraq.
Love you.

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