Girl Time!

The rest of the journey via train went well. Unlike Ed, I enjoy that mode of travel.

Friday night, we went and got dinner at a local Greek restaurant. Since I tend to talk about local joints and food, Donna was of the mind that I wasn't interested in eating at a chain restaurant. I'm happy either way, and the ultimate choice of Greek was a good one. I had a dish I've never had before, similar to moussaka, but without the potato. Delish!

Saturday morning, it was over to the salon for Donna's day of pampering. She got a very cute new haircut and color, then we both had our nails done. (Dark plum for me and a coral-y pink for her) Then lunch, vegging and leftovers for dinner.

Our evening plans consisted of visiting friends of hers that just opened a new bar, with the restaurant portion opening next month. Sharky's Place is just south of Jax (over the damn bridge) in Orange Park. We head over and I get to meet Susan and Tony, friends of Donna's for a long time.

They've got a nice place, and the experience to make the place a success. IMO, the only reason why bars ever close is crappy hours or crappy management. Both Susan AND Tony have many years of experience in management, bookkeeping and hospitality. They've got their niche, marketing and business plan well thought out. Both are prepared to pound the pavement in the community to drum up lunch business for the restaurant.

The bar will be filled up once the word gets out. Tony's a Harley owner, so he's up for any poker run or charity ride that would like to use Sharky's Place as a stop along the runs. The band playing this past Saturday night was AWESOME. Busted and the Confused. Lead singer has a very versatile voice, equally adept at singing Eddie Vedder, Allman Brothers, 38 Special and Kiss! (Buster had a laugh when I said he's got the right voice for "Brandy", though!) Bass player is Banner Thomas, one of the originating members of Molly Hatchett and the dude can rock! From our vantage point, we could not see the drummer. Before we got there, apparently there was some issue with the guitarist and he was fired (talk about interesting-sorry we missed it), but they got someone in there on short notice.

When we got there, the band was in a set break, but they got up on stage and the guitar player looked like my friend Jeff pre weight loss. Here's to seeing a band jamming and grooving and just generally rocking a place out. At one point, due to the size of the crowd, we were all calling out requests, and Buster was joking that it was 'band karaoke'. Good times.

We relieved years gone by with a twist. Usually, Donna was the designated driver, but this time, she got to enjoy the lovely beverages while I stuck to the Cokes. We closed the place down at 2am, but the band and the company was so good that it felt like we'd just walked in. My hat's off to Susan and Tony, I suspect that the next time I walk into the place, it'll be wall to wall people.

With an early wake up to go to the game, we try to head to bed soon after arriving back at Casa de Comet. Donna packed it in before 3am, alas, I'm not so lucky.


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