The dinner table

I've been blogging for two years now, and one of the things I mentioned early on was the comment that was made on a message board I belong to. It countered the "should we have more kids?" debate with another question. "If you look around the dinner table, is somebody missing?"

I've posed that to friends since I've heard it. I find my table is just fine. If it wasn't, I'd be in trouble, because the shop is closed. I know that question was, in part, what motivated Joyce and Tim to have their adorable Princess A last November. Some colleagues have shared this question with others, to varying degrees of additions to families.

Well, another friend has decided that there is someone missing. However, her path is a little different. She's a single mom of two adorable boys and longs for a girl. She's using the magic of AI and a donor to hopefully bring a little more estrogen into the household. This same donor was responsible for her adorable three year old coming into her life.

Please think good thoughts for my friend T. She deserves the chance to dress a little girl in pink. Also, my Irish superstitious self suspects that if two members of our little online home are pregnant, than the third who is trying (through Assisted Reproductive Methods) will get the charm and a baby, too.

So far, everyone I know of asking this question has jumped from two to three kids. I suspect that all of them are cursing me for posing the question when all three gang up on them!

How about you? Are YOU missing someone when you look around the dinner table?


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