Busy with life providing blog fodder...(squeamish shouldn't look)

Okay, there will be several posts in a short period of time to make up for the dearth of entries this past week.

Friday, I had a follow up with Nurse M. Only she's out of town with a family emergency. I got one of the new residents instead. Nice doctor. He looked at the wound and seemed perplexed, and Nurse D and I had to tell him that this looked really good! We should have had pictures from back in December in the file to show him. Alas, there were the ones from I think April, where I still had two wounds.

He put another Oasis on it, and we decided (well, really Nurse D did) that I would not be wrapped again, so as to prevent this:

Nice ripples on the leg, don't you think? This is what is the bane of an RSD sufferer's existence. Nurse D knows that the odds are great that a boot will accordian and do this to me. Then it presses on the three nerves on the top of the foot (the deep peroneal, the medial dorsal cutaneous, and the intermediate dorsal cutaneous) and causes more flare ups. Such fun, and an anatomy lesson for my faithful readers, too.

I got the new oasis, a funky dressing over it and then we put my regular compression stocking over it. I have several of these in varying strengths. Of course, the one I had on had lots of runs and holes in it, but it went back on my foot.

I was put on a course of Cippro when the Oasis went on, as that's the treatment protocol. It probably would have been penicillin, but I'm allergic. Then again, maybe not. Anyway, the resident brings up MRSA (whaaaaa? ) and puts me on another round of Cippro. Okay, that one was new to me-I have it? In talking to Ed about it, he thinks they're just being proactive about preventing me from contracting it.

I'm told to follow up in a week with Nurse M, but that got changed a little while ago, as she is out of town. The insurance carrier is probably not thrilled. I knew I wouldn't get released for work, and now they're pulling my medical records from Dr. J. The rep handling my case sounded disturbed when I said I'm on another round of Cippro for fear of/possible case of MRSA. Good.

Oh, and I never did see Princess. Wonder what's up with that. Did she get in trouble over my snafu? Only time will tell.


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