Unna Boot + Water = WOW!

Lately, I've had to be a little creative in cleansing the old body. The Unna boot can't get wet, else it gets itchy and disintegrates, leaving white residue EVERYWHERE. So, I encase it in a couple of plastic bags formerly occupied by the Tampa Tribune, top that with a scrunchy and do some shower gymnastics to prevent water from entering the boot.

Today, I didn't do such a good job. For one, the boot Nurse M put on is about 2" higher than any of the other boots. This was to prevent any further pinching or rubbing of the mid calf(scar still there, btw). Two, the Tampa Tribune doesn't take into account that their subscribers actually USE the plastic bags for anything more than possibly picking up dog poop and may need the bag to be 2" taller. Finally, I was up much earlier than usual due to a 7:30 start time at work. I inaccurately placed scrunchy at the top of the two plastic baggies and as a result, water seeped into the boot.

Ed will tell you, I have very sensitive skin. I scratch and scratch and scratch. So this water caused a most uncomfortable sensation and once home from work, I tried to dry out the boot and relieve the itchiness by scratching.


This caused the six day old boot to accordian. Which means, when I tried to pull it back up, it wouldn't resume its shape prior to water infiltration and Suzanne's scratch session. What the heck, the boot typically has a lifespan of five days, I'll take it off and take a picture of the leg for Dr. J to see what it looked like had he taken it off on a Sunday afternoon at his office.

I am in awe of the power of the Unna Boot, folks. No, I won't ever be in the running for an ankle modeling job, but the healing properties of the boots cannot be denied. I now have two flat ulcers, one the size of my pinkie nail and the other the size of my thumbnail. Where they were nearly touching ulcers back in December, there's now a finger's width of fresh, somewhat healthy skin between them.

I am in the homestretch on this whole leg drama, and boy, it feels good. To celebrate, I think I'll head over to the inlaws and soak this wonderful looking leg in the pool!


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