I'm frustrated.

The leg is healing, slowly but surely. However, I'm getting grief at work for wearing my Crocs. Never mind the fact that I have a doctor's note for the Crocs.

If you google "Venous Stasis Ulcer", which is what I have, you will find that they typically are located on the inner ankle. There are even a few pictures out there if you are strong of stomach. However, any shoe I attempt to put on rubs against the ulcers. This is bad. It introduces friction and possible bacteria and slows down the already slow healing.

Apparently, I'm within the realm of normal on a first ulcer. Most heal within 40 to 120 days. Well, we're past that, but not by that much.

The bosses boss saw the Crocs and complained that they must go. I don't know if the doctor's note made it into the conversation. Somehow, I don't think it did. So I've spent the better part of two weeks trying to find shoes I can wear to work. Alas, there aren't any shoes that meet the criteria I need right now.

Left foot 8 1/2 E (and even wider when wearing the Unna Boot)
Right foot 8 A
Shoe must not rub against the wounds, directly behind and below the inner ankle bone. They cannot have open toes or open back. Comfort is also a must.

I don't know what to do. Do I call Human Resources and ask about going out on Disability? The way I see it, I am being told my shoes are unacceptable for working. This means they don't feel I can work until I am in shoes they deem appropriate. I shouldn't have to ask for a leave of absence, as I'm perfectly willing to work with a minor accomodation for my medical needs. Really, all I want is for them to recognize that these aren't permanent and are not hindering my ability to do my job-but it seems that if I push the issue, they'll be a pain in the tukkus.

If I go to HR, then my DM may end up mad that I didn't talk to her first. However, she sent my boss to me instead of asking me about the note in the first place.

Your thoughts?


Anonymous said…
Sooz, you of all people know how the management chain works. Work it! It's not like you are drawing a line in the sand, and it may very well be that one of these people in the chain doesn't know about the doctor's note.

And you could always show them the ulcers if they question it further..


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