The foot, the job and everything

Today was yet another visit to the Vascular surgeon's office. While the initial plan was for Dr. J to take off the Unna Boot (see previous entry), he just got to look at the wounds instead. Dr. J looked at the wound for all of ten seconds and asked if we should put another boot put on. He was quite pleased with how they looked.

A few minutes later, we talked about the leg pain. He told me when he and Nurse M received their medical training, all indications were that Venous Stasis ulcer patients would not have pain from the ulcers. Their findings are contrary to this, that every patient they see with the ulcers has the pain, most categorize it as 'excruciating' and many fall into that RSD/CRPS spectrum.

In some respects, having a high pain threshhold is a good thing. Dr. J said something to that effect as he asked me a bunch of questions about my experiences with the ulcers and the pain. He figured if I'm saying I have pain, I HAVE PAIN! This is what happens when a surgeon does a procedure under local, boys and girls. The anesthesiologist told me he NEVER does them under local.

I told him that I've been able to taper the painkillers, except for the first day of an Unna Boot, but I can't even think of skipping the Lyrica. Then I described the pain, location and intensity. I offered my opinion that I completely fried those nerve endings when the ulcers were deep. He agrees. This isn't a good thing that we both think this way, but I am somewhat relieved that we d0. The ulcers will probably be gone in the next 4 to 6 weeks, but the pain? Not going anywhere, my friends. Lyrica or something like it will be part of the walking drugstore for a while.

Work. This Friday's paycheck is supposed to have raises, so of course, this means I got my review. It wasn't a surprise, even a little better than I expected, but still not what I like from myself. I am NOT happy unless I've got Exceeds Expectations across the board.

What DID happen that surprised me is that I was asked to swap departments with another manager. I'm slightly disappointed that I haven't been amazing and awesome in the department that I was in, but the one they're asking me to take on makes far more sense. I know a lot more about the product lines and won't have as much of a visual albatross around my neck. What I mean is that my store is known as the visual nightmare and my department was beyond nightmarish.

The reason for the change was a conversation I'd had with my boss last month about always working with the Visual yin to my Ops/Personnel yang. Felt good that she heard what I said-that I really want to build up that skill, but the department was far too much for a visual novice to get a handle on. All in all, it was a very encouraging review process. One more positive? They don't believe in salary caps, woohoo!

Finally, think some good thoughts for Ed. He interviewed Tuesday for a job that would make both of us very happy and improve the horrible financial situation we've been in. Two weeks of three 7p-7a shifts and one week of four 7p-7a shifts. I already talked to my job and they'll work around whatever needs I have. Cross your fingers, toes and whatever else you can!


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