Moses supposes that I've got.... toeses.

The Unna Boot fun is never ending. Yesterday, I was dealing with the usual Boa Constrictor hugging my leg without considering that the boot was too tight. Once I was home and finally relaxing, I had some burning pain and tingling in my foot and a sensation of warmth. This worried me, so I felt the foot-not hot at all. I blogged and attempted sleep.

Attempt is the appropriate word. Sleep was fitful, with stabbing pains waking me at least 4 times. Finally, Ed woke me at 8am, and I honestly planned to call out for the whole day from work. Instead, I took the top most layer of the Unna Boot off once I realized that my foot was BLUE! Nice, huh? Called the store, spoke with the opening manager and told her I was going back to bed and to expect me around noon (after we conferred over the day's schedule).

I got to work around 12:15. She honestly didn't expect me to make it in and if not for me telling her how bad the night went, would have called me back to tell me not to come in. I guess I sounded like crap and she didn't even want to risk waking me.

It's a dichotomy-less movement and I notice the pain soooo much more (like right now, Vern Troyer is sticking his Mini Me switchblade into my calf). As long as I'm moving at work, and not standing in one place, the pain isn't nearly as bad or noticeable. One step forward, five steps back.

When I stop to analyze this, I am surprised at how one little thing can throw the body into pain of "Danger, Will Robinson" proportions. The circulation was cut off for several hours, and 16 hours later, the protesting continues. It shows its displeasure with the Unna Boot strangulation. I come away with knowledge that I will pass on at the next visit-be very careful when wrapping a patient's top layer of the boot to make sure it's not too tight to prevent an RSD flare.

I guess that's why the blog has so much minutiae of the healing process-perhaps it'll help someone else in this situation.

In the meantime, I sit and wonder if that second Vicodin is going to make a dent in the pain. It frustrates me that I'd tapered down so nicely, and here I am, with a script for 40 tabs since I told them I was doing well, and BOOM, this happens.


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