Yes, it's really happening

I'm still in a funk, but starting to feel good about the job move.

My coworkers, as expected, are making me cry with the kind words. I have to be careful, lest their words make my head so big that I can't get out the door. I've heard the opinion more than once that maybe I'll be asked to come back. Dunno, just going to take it one day at a time.

Maybe this is a good thing. Ed'll probably leave as well, and perhaps that means he'll get a career-type job again. A source of frustration for me has been seeing others get everything for their homes that I've wanted but can't afford in the current situation. It bothers me when I talk about my ideas for decorating or improvements and next thing I know, it's staring me in the face-at someone else's house! Yes, the eyes DO turn green sometimes.

However, something I'm not jealous about: Tim and Joyce have welcomed their third child and second daughter on Tuesday. I'm very happy for them (and glad they've got the minivan, too), but count my blessings with the two I've got. Congrats are in order, but Joyce won't see them for several weeks. I bought gifts for the kids, perhaps an IV drip of some sort of caffeine will be in order for the two of them!


Santa Claus said…
Hey Suzanne -

I understand the ugly green monster. How do you think I feel when I see folks actually putting up lights for Halloween.... of all the holidays! But its important to count your blessings. Life is not always easy and its never exactly perfect... but you are very blessed.

Anyway, I mainly connected for two reasons... one, to say congrats on the new job. And two, to ask that you help spread the word that I'm resuming my Holiday blog at

Be good! I've got a few days before I check my list so if you're off track you've got a little time to turn things around. In the meantime, I wish you a great Thanksgiving.


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