It's Over

Well, I'm officially unemployed for another 24 hours.

The last two days were sheer hell and kinda reinforced the fact that I'm making the right move.

One of the owners was asked to come over and help us out on Friday. He was asked to come wash dishes because we had a session of 8 and we were overbooked and had a group of 15 in the later session. To give you an idea, we always run with two employees and a dishwasher when we've got more than 5 guests, and we run with three employees and a dishwasher for 10 and up. Well, he would be the dishwasher to me and one employee.

Did he wash any dishes? No
Did he clean any of the tables? No again
Did he help in ANY way? That would be no.

Instead of boring you with all the details, suffice to say that I got so mad that I ended up dropping 4 F bombs in venting to another employee. Yes, 4! That's 3 more than ever gets said, and at that, I maybe use that word once a year (probably less). I think I scared the rest of the staff, because they have NEVER seen me that mad (Ed has). One benefit of not getting mad very often is that when you do, they jump in to help. Of course, Mr. Owner was oblivious to the havoc he created.

It gets worse. He decided to blow off a delivery yesterday. Hmmm, it was 5 minutes from the store and he said "I'll call the customer later". Meanwhile, I wasn't informed of this lousy decision until AFTER the guest had called three times to find out when he'd receive his food! So one of my last duties was scrambling to this guest's house to ensure he had food while recuperating from surgery.

At least I won't be scrambling to cover any more...


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