Today, I made a very hard decision...

I accepted a management position with a different employer. It's breaking my heart.

The current job makes me happy. I really love the interaction with the guest and what the company stands for. Unfortunately, the business hasn't built up as quickly as we'd all hoped, and it's killing me financially. That, coupled with the fact that son's meds cost us 1300 bucks a month made this a neccessary change.

That said, I'm going back into retail. Not back to the mouse, someplace different. The company I'm going to is one that I've enjoyed shopping in and has been around for years. Yes, I am insane for going back into retail the week before Thanksgiving, but I'll be fine. They're fine with the fact that having Tuesday nights off is sacrosanct. The store runs with SEVEN managers-what an alien concept-so managers work every third Sunday.

The hardest part? Leaving the wonderful assistant manager and team I've got. I think I'm going to be crying a lot the next two weeks...


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