Good news and so so news

I went into the new job yesterday to get the new hire paperwork out of the way. I got a tour of the stockrooms (clean, yes, organized, not so much) and watched a dvd on one of the product lines. Met the new Assistant Manager, and it looks like the team is a good fit. At least we're all into wines, lol!

The good news is that the insurance starts on my first day. Yippee!!!! Most retailers that offer it make you wait until 30 or 60 days have passed, so this is a relief for us. I found out that they interviewed 27(!!) people before hiring me and AM.

My coworkers and guests have been so sweet the past week. I've been telling the regulars where I'm going and why and it's been good. However, the owner has been rather cold and aloof (nearly rude) to me since I've given notice. She knows *why* I'm leaving and that it's not anything against them in any way, but the cold shoulder continues. Typical me, I'm being my usual self with her, doing everything I can to make her laugh (despite being obviously PISSED at me) and not letting on how much it bothers me.

Ed says I should console myself with the fact that my coworkers are saying nice things and my guests are saying nicer things, that they are the people that truly matter. Yeah, but you all know how I am-always seeking approval.

If you haven't noticed, Santa replied to my last post. I should get good mileage out of that one-proof of Santa, right here on the Internet! Ed thinks I should be ticked that
Santa implied I haven't been good, but Santa doesn't see me *all* the time to know that I'm all about being good. :) (Psst, Santa, I've got a wish list over at, nothing over $220 on it-I know you've got millions of good people that need stuff more than me)


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