The joys of no insurance...

Last night, I'm at work and it is B! U! S! Y! The cell phone starts ringing, and it's Ed. Uh Oh. Seems small child decided to put an eraser in his ear at school and doesn't bother to tell Dad until bedtime. He was afraid he'd get grounded. Ed looked, and sure enough, there was one-which couldn't be removed with tweezers. Argh.

I kept small child home this morning, with the plan that I'd take him to our doctor as soon as they opened. Well, that means 10am on Thursdays. Promptly at 10:00, I call. No appointments until 3:45. The receptionist cautions me that they may not be able to do anything, either. If so, they'll send us to the pediatric ER.

Lovely. Small child has been bugging me for weeks to pick up Lego Star Wars for the Game Cube, because it's cool on the small GBA screen, imagine 13" of it. Alas, I had to inform him that today's doctor's visit will cost far more than the game does. Also had to inform him that an ER visit will be hundreds of dollars and puts Christmas gifts in the range of 'not happening'.

I think he'd rather be grounded...


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