Trial by Fire

What is the craziest time of year to start a new job in retail? Yep, last week. :)

New job is going extremely well. The first couple of days, I was worried that it's not nearly as hectic as what I'm used to, but the past couple of days have more than made up for it.

I'm picking up extremely fast. Boss is rather impressed and keeps complimenting me. You all know me, that's not good enough-I want to be the 'answer lady' again and the sooner, the better. I learn best by doing, and this is the perfect time to accomplish that.

As good as Disney's benefits package was, this company is better. Granted, no free park admissions (wah), but the rest of it is NOT bad. More personal days each year, more vacation time starting in year 5 and sick time that rolls over each year.

My coworkers are a great bunch. Head boss is very honest and refreshing. If I suck at something, she won't lie-I like that. The rest of the management team good to work with-lots of common ground.

The difference here is partly due to the time I got hired and partly due to the company hiring tenured retailers-I am expected to call the shots from day one. Visual directives, staffing, guest focus-because I already know retail and they know I'll do right by the guests. Pretty cool.

So far, so good-and to play with design? Bonus!


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