Yes, I've been busy

A friend IMed yesterday and commented that I haven't updated lately, so here's the quick version of the past two weeks:

The weekend of the 4th was spent in the company of Donna (yay!) and she is now graced with a laptop. We just need to head up to her neck of the woods sometime soon to finesse some stuff.

It was great having three days in a row off, but I spent the next four working 56 hours, including two 16 1/2 hour days. TIRED does not even begin to cover it. Boss lady says no more stretches, so after this week's schedule, they're over, woohoo!

This past Sunday marked the anniversary of Nancy's passing. The clan spent the day together at the zoo-felt right to do something together.

Little man's b'day is today. This is the first year he's really going on the countdown. Other news: probability that he's got an issue with colorblindness. Same as my dad, trouble with brown. We'll get that evaluated soon.

New meds for bigger kid. Cross your fingers, it seems to be helping him a bit. Back to the doctors later today.

Sea World Sunday: birthday boy's choice. Originally, he had wanted to share the b'day celebrations and complained that I should have had him on my birthday. I think it sunk in that two celebrations means two cakes-he's changed his mind!

Was that update enough?


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