The big 40

Hello, from the decade that starts with 4. Everyone makes such a big deal about it, but I still feel like I'm in my 20's. Without the drama.

The milestone birthdays usually incite a person to take stock of their life. I suppose that's why this one isn't a big deal. It's because I've got two reasonably healthy kids, a good husband (good at driving me crazy most of the time-but I knew that going in, lol), a job I enjoy, a nice house and a car to drive. I live far away from the annoying relations, but too far away from the sister and her family that I'd prefer live in the next town.

I guess that means I'm in good shape for the next milestone birthday. I need to get some traveling in before then!


Jane said…
happy birthday to you
happy firthday to you
Happy birthday dear Sue
Happy birthday to you

I owe you a dinner out kiddo
jas said…
have a good one!

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