The car, part two

Here I am, at the dealership. Love the WiFi access, makes the wait tolerable.

So, when last I reported, the appointment was made to bring the car in this morning. I went out to the car, loaded the kids and my junk in and turned the key. clickclickclickclickclickclickclickclick. Oh, crud.

Call the dealer, then call Roadside Assistance-the towing company was the weak link here. They were called at 10:15, VW called me back to say 1.5 hours. Fifteen minutes past the appointed time, VW calls back. They call the tow company, who says 15 more minutes. VW calls me back at 15 minutes-more like 30. The driver told me he'd only had one tow all morning. Scratch them off the thank you card list.

Now I know it's gotta be a warranty repair! Phew!


Kaoscapt said…
Boogity Boogity Boogity!

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