Curve balls

Well, I thought that we'd be giving day care two weeks notice yesterday. Once the kids start school, we'd be able to juggle the work schedules such that care was no longer needed. However, an event occurred that brought her to the decision to surrender her license. While I understand the reason, it still is sad to see her no longer in the business. She revolved herself, her homes and her free time around making sure she had everything for 'her kids'.

Mom's been on my mind a lot lately. Some days, the hurt is really fresh (and a comment on the DIS today just drove it home, but in a good way). Others, I just can smile at something that reminds me of her. She's making her presence known here and there-what I would love for a private audience with John Edward. I know that she'd be telling him lots of stuff!

Little man's had the extended birthday. He got his present on the actual day (Thursday), Carvel cake tonight and spending the day at Sea World tomorrow. As for me, I've bought myself my own 40th present-tires for the car. Woohoo! You all know how pragmatic I can be, but this is NOT what I thought I'd be getting. To make myself feel better, I made a wish list on Amazon-virtual shopping was just the ticket to bring me out of the "God, I'm such a loser" funk.

In a bit of funny news, Ed answered the front door yesterday to find Verizon there. They wanted to know if we'd be interested in getting FIOS. Uh, we've had it for a month!


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