Da Car

I though I'd blogged about the car. Two weeks ago, I went into the store on my day off to do some organizing. Ed and I walked out to get lunch and we discovered a SCREW (no, a nail's not enough) in one of my tires. Off to VW to get it replaced. If you live in these parts, you *MUST* get the tire warranty with a new car, it is sooooo worth it. This is the third time a nail/screw has been in a tire in two years.

Weeeeeellll, I decided it was time for a tune up, so I told our intrepid service advisor to go ahead. Not cheap, but it's especially important in times of high gas prices to not suck up more of the liquid gold than neccessary. Alas, I got a call that the rest of my tires were at 3/32" and I should replace them, too. (See above about tire warranty-this is the tire shredding part of the state). Total spent on the car was almost a grand.

So I got myself tires for my birthday.

Apparently, the car likes attention from the dealer. The check engine light came on yesterday-cross your fingers that it's warranty type repair in my future. Back to VW on Monday. At least this time I'll remember all the little annoyances that need to be fixed that are still under warranty.


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