Water, water everywhere...

Weight has been an issue for me my whole adult life. As a youngster, I was the stringbean who could eat anything and everything. It didn't set me up with the best eating habits. Once I started college, I gained that freshman 15 and eventually the sophmore 15 because I wasn't constantly at the Rec with my dad, swimming while he worked out.

When I moved to Maryland, eating became something of a solace and I quickly mushroomed to a size 16. For a long time, I yo-yo'ed, losing weight to get into my wedding dress and then back up again. My dad at one point made the statement "If you're eating so much, you've got to ask yourself, what's eating you?" At the time, probably the abusive relationship that I didn't see as one.

The ex left, and surprise, I lost 40 pounds in two months thanks to the anxiety diet. For the most part, other than the pregnancies, I hovered around a size 8 or size 10. When I started working for Disney, I was a size 8 and nursing younger son. Once I stopped nursing, I resumed drinking the diet sodas and kept the weight off. Then I found out I was allergic to Nutrasweet.

Instead of just cutting out soda, I switched from diet to regular and gained 50 pounds in six months. When we moved to Florida, the stress from Ed not working that I bottled up added another 20-25 pounds. I didn't (and don't) like being the only one with a full time job-the lack of a safety net and savings account stresses me out, and I'm a stress eater.

When I started managing the meal prep place, and interesting change came about. I wasn't eating out, wasn't eating fast food and at home, we were eating healthier foods. The nearly 60 hour weeks running my butt around all day and only eating the meals I made without all the crap added to it contributed to me losing weight. The recent health issues and RSD have also contributed to the weight loss, despite what everyone's told me about the various RSD meds.

The appetite has gotten much smaller along the way, a byproduct of managing the meal prep place. Look at Ed's plate and mine, and I'm probably eating a child size portion. I'm respecting that-all I've done is reduce the portion size of what I eat, not necessarily what I eat, and the weight is coming off.

The downfall of my life has always been the soda. I love it, I'll drink it all day long. If I could consume Fresca nonstop, I surely would. It's made with Nutrasweet, meaning I can't have it. I loved the taste and it didn't have all those nasty calories.

I made a promise to myself that March 1st, I'd cut back to one soda a day. It wasn't going to be easy-as I said, I love the stuff. I'm now 15 days in and I'm finding it's easier than I thought it would be. On the camping trip, we had only soda and Kool aid to drink. We had a gallon jug of water, but it was room temp (I want water that's ice cold). Sooo, I drank soda and wasn't satisfied by it. Sunday, we got home and I proceeded to have tons of ice water to make up for it. Craved it, even.

To further help me along, the coke machine at work had a surprising change-the cans went from 50 to 75 cents while I was off. That was a sign that I should get a cup from the water cooler instead.

It'll be interesting to see what happens when I can add exercise to the mix, but the changes have been noticeable. First the diet, now the water. Gimme some water, man, I'm thirsty.


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