Juggling kids

This week is one that challenges parents without daycare, like us. The boys have school break. Fortunately, I was able to shuffle around my schedule and work four closing shifts to coincide with Ed's work schedule. His job altered his schedule a bit-he leaves at noon this week.

Yesterday was one of our days off together for the week. We took advantage of it by heading over to Busch Gardens for a few hours. Once again, I will state that the Gold Passport was a great purchase. Especially since we can have a small amount deducted from our checking account each month, as opposed to having over a thousand dollars to purchase APs for WDW. That is just not happening anytime soon.

This was only our third trip over there as a family, though Ed and I went without the boys, and I've taken older son solo. As such, we did things we haven't tried yet. Heck, on days that I'm off and everyone else is occupied, I should just go over by myself for a couple of hours. The lines were decent, other than Rhino Rally. As long as I keep moving, the leg (now encased in an Unna Boot) is not too bad.

I found the best trick ever this time around. As I am temporarily without a debit card, I left my handbag in the trunk, opting only to bring my phone, keys and our passes. Each time the boys bugged me for something (older son kept asking for sodas, younger son for toys), I'd ask how I could buy it without any money. Hmmm, they couldn't fight that one! I think I should do that all the time, lol.

On the way out, like at Sea World, we were asked to complete a survey. Sure, no problem. Last time, free waters. This time, the boys got pencils and we got a magnet. Decent trade for spending five minutes telling the gentleman that we enjoy visiting their park. :)


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