update on the leg

Hives. What a lovely thing to deal with. Let's see, the medical allergy list now looks like this:
surgical adhesives
benzyl alcohol (used in injectible medications)
Calamine lotion (contains iodine)

Do you get the feeling that my medic alert bracelet is going to be pretty big? Yes, we have further proof that I*am* a freak.

I'm looking on the bright side here, at least I didn't suffer through the Unna boot until the 14th, the original date it was coming off. I called Dr. J's office promptly Friday am and told them I was on my way. Nurse D fit me in as soon as she could-and apologized, saying that the hydrocortisone was her thought to prevent the itching that everyone complains about with the Unna boots. I go back on Monday and get to shell out another 20 dollar copay. Basically, they didn't do anything on Friday for the 20 dollar copay-they just looked at the leg to see where we stood. I think I should balk at paying the 20 on Monday. I'm going broke on these copays!


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