A camping we will go, a camping we will go, but first, the usual leg update...

Today is the day we head over to WDW for the long awaited scout camping trip. It was easy to get the boys off to school the past few days-any protests of going to school were met with "you want to go camping?" and voila, no more problems. :) One problem is that I am supposed to pack Ed's car up and run some errands, but I don't have the key!

The leg is slowly improving, but you know hives, they don't just disappear. It'll probably be another week before they're gone. I'm torn between putting the next Unna boot on now (I was given the supplies) or waiting until the hives are gone. If I do that, then I might squeeze in some swimming this weekend. Tough choices.

I have a call in to Nurse M, as the Lyrica scrip was written for me to take a pill in the morning and another at night, but I'm taking four pills a day now. As much as I knocked it at first, I have to say the Lyrica IS making a difference on the RSD. It's not as good as the Neurontin, but the occasional missed doses have proven that it is working. Kinda like the Vicodin taking the edge off the pain, but not wiping it out completely.

Now that she'll be calling about the scrip, I'll ask her opinion on the Unna Boot. I'd rather watch the hive situation than cover it up-and I suspect she'll be thinking the same thing. I appreciate the partnership with the vascular staff. Here, like with my orthopedist back in Maryland, I'm included in all the decision making. The best way to explain it is that I'm treated as a peer, not a subordinate. Does that make sense?

The funny part is that one of the reception staff is extremely grumpy. She grumps at everyone-Ed had even commented about it on one of the visits prior to one of the vein strips. Now, I walk in and while I'm not her best bud, she will be very nice. When I went in after the hive incident, she looked at me waiting in line and commented over "Suzanne, you were just here", confused. I said 'Hives' and she responds with "oh NO". She now carries on conversations when checking me in, instead of bitching about my various late payments, lol.

Oh yeah, Regional visited my store last night. The pre-visit preparations neccessitated me working 38 hours in 4 days. Now I won't be using the personal day to go on the camping trip. The best part? As with the blog, I am not shy in real life. The Regional doesn't intimidate me-in fact, she's a very warm person and easy to talk to. Conversations came up about the very lame music we use-and I told her I would love to plug my iPod in for store play. I'll be emailing her the party playlists I used at the old job to use as suggestions for new stuff to the Powers That Be.

Then we were talking about the retail market being soft and what can we do to drive business. I brought up how at Bath and Body Works, we had client books and the concept could be used well. I gave several examples-and she asked me if I'd spoken to our Chairman. She had the same conversation with him last week, and he mentioned the idea, too. The look I got from my boss spoke volumes-looks like I'll be implementing that one. We spoke of how our location was perfect for this type of thing, but our top volume stores are way too busy to keep up with a client book.

Later, I mentioned a frustration of mine. At Disney, I knew names, knew the kids names, favorite characters and sometimes, birthdays. Here, I don't know names, and IMO, that's key to fostering repeat business. Her face lit up at that mention, and told us how she's got many fugly purses because of a shop owner that greets her by name, and tells her she needs a splash of color in her wardrobe (she lives in head to toe black). She spent way too much money on a bright orange purse because the owner knew her name and encouraged her to let a little color in!

It was rather funny and cool at the same time-the things I've observed that are different here are the things that the bigwigs are also noticing but haven't really put a plan in action to do yet. I left before the visit was complete, but I felt like it was good for the whole store and that I did my part to offer ways to make business happen. :)

So, now onto the camping. I can say we're all looking forward to it. It'll be nicer than the last camping trip, and that one was HOT, but fun. This time, we've got bathrooms and showers and lots of trees around us to keep us comfy. Temps in the 80's-far better than the 95 that we reached last time. We'll also have that pool-and I know at the very least, three members of the family will enjoy it. If I'm going back into the Unna Boot, I may well sit poolside with one leg in the water.

Cross your fingers that I sleep on the air mattress. If there's room, I may take the cabana chairs to attempt sleeping if the air mattress is not successful. If not, I think I'll be roaming the campground at night!

There's an hour left until two very excited campers arrive home from school...


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