What a busy week!

The recap of my busy week:

Monday: finish calling all the people on our waiting lists. Play with website by placing the June and July sessions on our calendar.

Tuesday: Go to the local job development office to place an order for dishwashers. God, I wish it were that easy! We now appear on their website and hope for the best. Tomorrow's to do list includes scouring the local restaurants to see if they've got anyone looking for more hours that they can't provide.

Wednesday: FIOS! Fielded lots of calls for work, and felt like reservations east. So it wasn't a day at work, but I did work throughout the day. Kinda removed the guilt that I was taking a day during crunch time!

Thursday: We assembled shelving units at the store and did a lot of cleaning. By the end of the day, things started to look like something resembling our other location.

Friday: A very looooooong day. cleaned, cleaned and cleaned some more. At the end of the (12 hour) day, we looked like a business that's about to open. Had employees come in and bust their tails and rewarded the effort with pizza.

Saturday: After yesterday, I didn't think there was much else to do. Wrong. Spent the better part of seven hours unpacking utensils. :) One employee came in and mopped and scrubbed the floor. She said she couldn't tell that it'd been done, but it went from dull looking granite to granite with a satiny sheen. Now we're really ready for the tweaking and perhaps the food can come in on Tuesday.

Other fun stuff:
Older son's doctor's appointment was Thursday. We're going to change meds as soon as the insurance takes effect. He was going to summer school with us under the assumption that he was going to learn life skills (cooking, primarily). It was an academic program (read:remedial) which makes no sense for a 10 year old functioning on an 11th grade level. We took him out.

SIL decided to buy an inflatapool. I think it's a great idea. She's got a bum hip that made her decide to buy an ECV. My opinion (not that it matters) is that sitting in a chair is going to make the hip worse and it will be a viscious cycle. I'd mentioned getting a Y membership when they'd moved here for an aquasize class. Instead, she's got the pool in the yard. (I think it's so she can be in the pool and bird watch)

The kids are quite fascinated with the pool, Ed thinks it's a bribe to get us over there more often. He spent the afternoon getting the thing situated and I got to have some of the reward-BBQ! Woohoo! The kids got to play in an 18" deep pool-filling with a garden hose is a SLOW proposition. Did I say it was slow?

Today's plans are different from what I'd envisioned. I thought some clean up and prep to make younger son's old room into an office-suppose that will happen sometime this week. A little pool time never hurt anybody, did it?


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