My, how the emails pile up

I'm in the beginning of a very time consuming task. My company email is currently web based. Call me crazy, but I prefer the web based accounts and abhor MS Outlook (great way to get viruses, imho).

The new website has email integrated, so we're dumping the other email provider (we like them, but the developers for the new site include hosting and email). Well, that means I need to port the mail over and sort through all the stuff I was too lazy to file appropriately as soon as they'd been read. Plus with the store opening just around the corner, I need to email all those people who emailed us with "when are you opening?" questions.

I've been on the system since April 3rd and I have a scary amount of emails already. The current web host for the email is pretty good-I can toggle the whole page of messages and then get a digest form of all the mail. Saves me sifting through 325 emails, one by one.

It'd be nice to sit on the lanai and do this on the laptop, but the power cable gave up the ghost. I'm relegated to buying it online. The big aftermarket company (Targus) seems to have skipped over the HP series I own. So, here I am on the desktop. I almost feel like I've been sent to my room to work on a term paper. I mentioned this to Ed and he said I can't leave my room until I read all my email.


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