Delivery day!

Today's jam packed with stuff, though the majority is not work related.

Haverty's was to make their third attempt on the table. The first two were damaged, and the third time was the charm. We now have a closed table in the dining room, rather than the 6x6 fully opened table. It arrived at 7:40 (window was 8:15-11:15)

Verizon called yesterday to bump up their window. I only got it as a message, so they called again this morning at 8:30. Could they come early? Heck, yeah! Tech got here around 9:30. I made the decision to make the guy's life easier. The original plan called for cable in son's room, I decided that instead we'd use the coax jack in the master bedroom. I'm not one for TV in the bedroom-but this prevents older son from sneaking into his brother's room at 4am for some cartoons. He wouldn't dare do that in our room, and we can hear anything going on in the living room from our room. Shut down that possibility.

Now that we've decided this, I can now move furniture into younger son's new bedroom. Ed finished painting last night. It looks real good.


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